Questions & Answers

From time to time, we’ll hold ingame question-and-answer sessions covering DDO basics. The sessions will usually take place on Korthos Island or in the Harbor, and will last about an hour.

Sessions are intended to help new players learn how to get around and have fun in DDO, and where to turn for help when they have questions or problems. It’s our hope that providing a non-hostile, non-griefing, non-trolling way to learn the basics of the game will lead to better player retention.

Dates and times of upcoming sessions will be posted here.

To avoid confusion, only the following characters will run the sessions:

Argonnessen: Fedelma
Cannith: Tirae
Ghallanda: Liai
Khyber: Badarsia
Orien: Vicynrae
Sarlona: Ironica
Thelanis: Evennote
Wayfinder: Daffodil

Any character not listed is not part of Players Helping Players, and we are not responsible for their actions.

A chat channel will be set up for each session; you can also send questions via tells. If you happen to see the above characters online when there’s no session taking place, please respect their privacy so they can enjoy their playing time – you can always ask questions via Ask Even. Thanks!  🙂

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