Sarlona Q&A recap

I hate to admit this, but I nearly decided to postpone my scheduled Q&A session on Sarlona last night.

It wasn’t that I didn’t want to do it – far from it! But I’d had a very long day after attending a funeral out of town, I was tired, I was more than a bit cranky from dealing with overly dramatic family members, and when I finally got home, all I wanted to do was go to bed.

But I had cool stuff to give away, and I wanted to do my Daily Dice rolls, and I really didn’t want to pull out at the last minute. So I signed Ironica on and headed for Korthos… and I’m SO glad I did!

I’ve enjoyed all of the Q&A sessions so far, but last night’s was special thanks to the awesome people of Sarlona. First, the lovely grimorde and her equally lovely partner Rach of Defense Guild sent me lots and lots and LOTS of stuff to give away. I also had codes for Turbine points and snowy owlbear companions thanks to Cordovan.

And then, when I posted the LFM and officially opened the session, I found myself surrounded by more support than I’d ever expected from the wonderful members of PIF (Pay It Forward)! PIF is a guild with chapters on every server, and their mission is similar to Players Helping Players – to make DDO a friendly and welcoming place for all, and especially to help new players find the answers they need and get off to a good start.

Even one of the newbies, when he realized what we were doing, offered that he was new and didn’t know the game yet, but would help in any way he could.

Thank you to EVERYONE who participated last night for reminding me why I love DDO, and why I started Players Helping Players. I went from wanting nothing but my pillow to being reluctant to sign off and get some sleep!

We had a roll-off for the biggest prizes. Since most of the participants were on snowy side, I couldn’t invite them to party to roll, so I rolled for them. As promised, here’s the screenshot (click for the full-sized image; I did cut and paste two images together since the whole thing was bigger than the chatbox will go, so if anyone wants the non-edited versions so they know I didn’t cheat, just ask!  :D)…

Sarlona roll-off

I’m about to sign Ironica in to mail out the “smaller” prizes (potions, etc.); I had some serious lag once I got back to Harbor last night, and it took me ages just to get the mailbox window to open – figured it was safer to wait than try to mail anything.

Now, a dilemma… since most of the participants last night were on snowy side, it would be easier in many ways for me to roll up a new toon and keep it on snowy side as far as sending party invites for rolling and such. BUT, since there’s no mailbox on Korthos, a snowy side toon won’t have access to the goodies I have to give away. I’d love to hear some thoughts on this – stay sunny side and mail stuff that players can get when they make the trip to Harbor? Or make a snowy side toon to be able to invite other snowy side players to party, which would be handy for rolling and also might be good if someone needs help in a quest?

I could dual box, but when I’m trying to keep track of party chat, general chat, chat channel, advice channel, and tells, it can get confusing… plus, my computer isn’t always happy about running ONE instance of DDO, let alone two. So that’s not really an option.

And a question… I had an E-mail via Ask Even wanting to know if I had a Facebook page for people to follow to get updates. That’s something I’ve never considered, but it’s a neat idea. If I created a page for Players Helping Players, would you use it?

There’s always the option to follow the blog, but lots of people get enough E-mail not to want stuff like blog updates cluttering up their inboxes as well; or you could follow me on Twitter (@EvenNote), since WordPress automatically updates that every time I post… but lots of people don’t use Twitter. So I’d love to hear what others think.

I’m not sure if I’ll have any Q&A sessions this week, as I have three projects with a Saturday deadline, and I’ll be going out of town both Friday and Saturday. The following week looks good, though!

And since several people have asked – Players Helping Players is NOT a guild, and I won’t try to recruit you. It may be something I consider down the road, but for now, at least, it’s not in the cards.

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2 Responses to Sarlona Q&A recap

  1. myrddinman says:

    I think having a FB page for PHP would be a great idea. The more mediums you have for players to reach and discover this, the better.

    Great work!


  2. erdrique says:

    Excellent to hear to that it went so well!! Creating a Facebook page wouldn’t be a bad idea, at least in my opinion. I agree, the more avenues you have for players to find and participate in Players Helping Players the better.


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