Players Helping Players is intended to be a friendly, welcoming place for DDO players to get help with the basics of the game. Our aim isn’t to tell you what to do or how to do it, but rather to help you figure things out and learn where to turn when you have a problem.

Watch this page for dates and times of upcoming “Questions and Answers” sessions, where we’ll spend an hour or two live in the Harbor or on Korthos doing – you guessed it – question-and-answer sessions.

Check out “Ask Even” if there’s something you want to know, but don’t know who to ask. You can E-mail us anonymously if you want. All valid questions and their answers will be posted in the “Ask Even” section.

Future plans include “DDO 101,” short how-to articles on things like navigating with maps, using the auction house, and possibly quest guides eventually.

Please keep in mind that we’re in no way attempting to replace the official DDO forums or DDO Wiki. Players Helping Players is designed to complement those resources and provide a troll-free, drama-free source of information.

Absolutely NO flaming, trolling, griefing, etc., will be permitted. Any posts deemed to be offensive will be deleted, and the posters potentially banned from commenting.

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  1. saekee says:

    I recently came across this guide here:
    very good! Thx for your caring efforts

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  2. Moonhair says:

    Nice work! Thank you for promoting my favorite game!


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